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WHASSAAAAAAAAAAP!!! It's been a loooong time since i post here!!! SUPER WOMAN IS BACK !!

*                                *                                          *                            *
I totally miss KAT-TUN and i have no idea what they're doing now!!

I miss DBSK so much that it hurts !!

I want Super Junior Back As 13 +2 AGAIN !!

Can't wait Kangin to come back on 16 of April (yey in my b-day)

Don't want Heechul to go....seriously cried watching his last perf

and his speach !!

Jungsuuuu oppa (Leeteuk) if you go to army too in the begining of

2012 what Suju will do ?? I remember Donghae my love <3 said

after Mr.Simple promotions it will be a  hiatus (?) till their next

album.. TT so i guess from the new year and after everyone is on

his own again ?? suju together but no album ??!! TT

2NE1 continues their concerts !! I'm so happy and proud of my

girls....they deserve the TOP!!!

Daesung is innocent as they say...so from the new yearand after BIGBANG will be BACK AGAIN as 5 !!

lalalalalala !! That's all for now !!! Miss You f-list !! also i got a

tumblr --?


Just recently, the President of Warner Music Asia Pacific and Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Japan, Lachie Rutherford, announced that Akanishi Jin will be signing on with the company, as they will be handling his recording career going forward.

You can read the full statement below.

“I am happy to be here today to announce that Jin Akanishi one of the great stars and talents in the Japanese entertainment industry will be joining the Warner Music family as of today. Warner Music Group and Warner Music Japan will sign Jin on a global basis and we will become responsible for his recording career in both English and Japanese language.

We first met Jin in early summer this year and I was impressed with his vision and the high aspirations he has for his career. He is a first class entertainer, he writes, arranges and produces most of his songs and he is now eager to team up with first class creators and producers in the US.

I am very confident our relationship with Jin will be a productive and successful one for both Warner Music and the artist and I am looking forward indeed to working with him in the future.”

Dec.9th 2010
Lachie Rutherford
President, Warner Music Asia Pacific
Chairman & CEO, Warner Music Japan


credits:  @tokyohive, http://www.wmg.jp/20101209/ ,

22nd-Oct-2010 08:12 pm - JYJ + Change Ur World
About 2 things i'm so excited !!

1 .KAME played KAT-TUN 's song CHANGE UR WORLD at his radio show!!!
OMG!! KAT-TUN ROCKS AGAIN!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

cr: www.youtube.com/user/0330xx

2. JYJ joins twitter!!!

Yoochun: twitter.com/6002theMicky
Jaejoong: twitter.com/mjjeje
Junsu: twitter.com/0101xiahtic

I'm in heaven!! What more can i ask?!! Thanks God!! xD !!!

26th-Sep-2010 06:33 pm - HAPPY MIROTIC DAY !!

Mirotic is TVXQ's fourth South Korean award winning studio album, released on September 26, 2008.

We want to see YOUR smiles again !!

We want to see YOU PERFORM as 5 again !!

We are praying for that day to come !!




Drama An Unforgettable Day In Korea !!
Cast :
Jung Yunho (정윤호) ; Lee Da Hae (이다해) ; Kim Bum (김범)
Park Si Hoo (박시후) ; Han Chae Young (한채영) ; Big Bang (빅방)

10th-Sep-2010 07:20 pm - tagged again xD
Tagged by marialena94

1st: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any questions that you dislike with a new, original question.
2nd: Tag eight sexy people. And if you're not tagged and you want to do it, then do!!

Favorite song right now: KAT-TUN - Moon

Last album bought/downloaded: 2NE1-To Anyone (2010)

Last movie you watched?Did you liked it?:  MILLENIUM: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO amazing movie

Things that are super-annoying at the moment?:  that i have to answear this question, lol

You're addicted  to (this period) : k-pop <3

Your favorite drama?:  Mr. Brain i think <3 Kimura Power lol !!

Last person you spoke to?: Tatiani my sister

Your favorite icecream flavor?: Stracciatella

Guiltiest Pleasure??: reading  fanfics

Favorite T-Shirt color?: Blue & red

If you could kill any animal what whould it be and why?: mosquitos

Worst drama you've ever seen?: Honey & Clever only Ikuta and Narimiya!!

Best way to relax?: Music and sleep

Are there any bits of childhood that you miss??:   not sure

Spring,Summer,Winter or Fall?: Winter

Say sth to the person who tagged you:  Την αμέριστη συμπαράστασή μου για την Δευτερα" Fighting <3"" ALWAYS KEE THE FAITH

tag :nana86lytamachained_akamelovekame02  marilena_r  nalty7 aikame23  </div>
14th-Aug-2010 06:12 pm - WELCOME MY DIGITAL WORLD <3
Because "DIGITAL" is in fashion !!

if you know any other digital songs feel free to add !!
κοινώς "πειραγμένα "

1st-Jul-2010 01:16 pm(no subject)
i just saw KAT-TUN Live here-->c.zeroboy.net/thsutleo
It was amazing performance!!
The sang D-Motion!! it was really great and the part of Jin , Koki and Kame i think did it<33
Thank God the costumes were awesome<3
kyaaa!!! I'm so proud of them

Kame saranghae <3

credits to pornvilai
13th-Jun-2010 07:44 pm - My rainbow !!
I saw it somewhere so i did it too ...lol :p !!

Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

I will agree with it but i prefer colour blue than red !! xD !!
13th-Jun-2010 04:28 pm - Is It HOT or is it KAME ?? <3

This MV is more than i expected !!

The story reminds me kinda of 300 !!
The intro is  amazing when i was listening at the violins i was like a dead xD !! I love the music cause it's so powerfull and energetic!!
I loved the costumes <3
The make up was amazing !! (Kame why you have to be so awesome??)

The choreography was so beautiful !!

Their voices were so great and ueda's vocals were soooo amazing so was the butterfly <33 !!

for junno , i love his hair!!
nakamaru is a stable value , his hand-move is so nakamaru <3
koki is amazing again  !!
and Kame just...AWESOME <3

As everybody says this mv is EPIC !!!

can't stand so much hotness

photo credit goes to naricina and jin_only_one <3
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