fangirl (paoktsou) wrote,

Is It HOT or is it KAME ?? <3


This MV is more than i expected !!

The story reminds me kinda of 300 !!
The intro is  amazing when i was listening at the violins i was like a dead xD !! I love the music cause it's so powerfull and energetic!!
I loved the costumes <3
The make up was amazing !! (Kame why you have to be so awesome??)

The choreography was so beautiful !!

Their voices were so great and ueda's vocals were soooo amazing so was the butterfly <33 !!

for junno , i love his hair!!
nakamaru is a stable value , his hand-move is so nakamaru <3
koki is amazing again  !!
and Kame just...AWESOME <3

As everybody says this mv is EPIC !!!

can't stand so much hotness

photo credit goes to naricina and jin_only_one <3
Tags: kat-tun
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