fangirl (paoktsou) wrote,

orenmanida !! hisashibur!! long time no see....blah blah blah

WHASSAAAAAAAAAAP!!! It's been a loooong time since i post here!!! SUPER WOMAN IS BACK !!

*                                *                                          *                            *
I totally miss KAT-TUN and i have no idea what they're doing now!!

I miss DBSK so much that it hurts !!

I want Super Junior Back As 13 +2 AGAIN !!

Can't wait Kangin to come back on 16 of April (yey in my b-day)

Don't want Heechul to go....seriously cried watching his last perf

and his speach !!

Jungsuuuu oppa (Leeteuk) if you go to army too in the begining of

2012 what Suju will do ?? I remember Donghae my love <3 said

after Mr.Simple promotions it will be a  hiatus (?) till their next

album.. TT so i guess from the new year and after everyone is on

his own again ?? suju together but no album ??!! TT

2NE1 continues their concerts !! I'm so happy and proud of my

girls....they deserve the TOP!!!

Daesung is innocent as they from the new yearand after BIGBANG will be BACK AGAIN as 5 !!

lalalalalala !! That's all for now !!! Miss You f-list !! also i got a

tumblr --?

Tags: 2ne1, dbsk, kat-tun, lalala, super junior
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